After witnessing Riverside Carpet Cleaning's exceptional work (because of my business relationship with them), I asked Jorge Gomez to come and clean the carpets at my house. My husband was home at the time of the cleaning and called me. His words were, "Wow! The last company we hired did a nice job, but nothing like Jorge is doing. Our carpets look brand new!" I got home a little while later, and my husband was right, the carpets were amazing!! I strongly recommend Riverside Carpet Cleaning. They are honest, dependable, professional, and exceptionally good at their job!!
Heidi Jo Lopez Manson, WA
I am so pleased with the fantastic carpet cleaning skills that Jorge of Riverside Carpet Cleaning offers! I have a busy house filled with kids and pets, and our house is well-lived in, but Jorge can always make our carpets look fresh and new again. Thank you Jorge!

Tawnee Seals

I first heard about Riverside Carpet Cleaning from Tawnee Seals (Owner of Merry Maids of Wenatchee and Chelan). She urged me to interview Jorge Gomez (the owner), saying I would be more than satisfied with his honesty and skill. I was blown away by him. I instantly liked his kind, honest, and professional demeanor. I could tell that he knew his job very well, and he was going to do his best at anything I asked of him. I added Riverside Carpet Cleaning to the list of carpet cleaners who subcontract out for Chelan Vacation Properties. Quickly, Riverside CC rose to the top of the list. Jorge doesn't only work within our crazy schedule (vacationers coming and going), but he is fast and exceptionally good at his job. I know that when I ask Jorge to do a job; it is done on time, right, and with the utmost of professionalism. I highly recommend Riverside Carpet Cleaning!!
Heidi Jo Lopez Quality Control Supervisor Chelan Vacation Properties
I have partnered with Riverside Carpet Cleaning for over two years now, and am proud to offer his excellent service to our valued Merry Maids' clients! Jorge is extremely reliable, dependable, very professional AND he delivers high-quality work every single time!

Tawnee Seals
Merry Maids
Franchise Owner

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